Maintenance optimization

If not dealt with intelligently, assistance and maintenance services can become very expensive for the production site

How much do assistance and maintenance interventions on sold equipment cost you?

Who produces industrial machinery, like for example companies that produce martempering ovens and glass lamination need to deal with problems that their clients have related to the products they sold them. If not dealt with intelligently the assistance and maintenance services can become very expensive for the production site.

Maintenance for customers facilitates communication between your maintenance technician and your client both in cases of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance thus avoiding congestion in your telephone switchboard or damage to machinery.


Deal with the maintanence of the sold ovens rapidly, optimize client requested interventions
To contact the maintenance technician, when the oven has a problem, the operator is forced to call the switchboard operator of the home production head-office, which is often congested with backed up calls due to the high number of issues to deal with. When the operator eventually reaches the switchboard he is put on hold and asked to wait to speak to the first available technician.  Once in contact given the complexity of the situation the interaction is difficult all the same as is the exchange of information needed to solve the issue between the two people involved.
Maintenance for customers allows the client to get into direct contact with the first available technician, getting assigned on the basis of his needs a specific maintenance technician specialized on the one specific product. The technician is able to deal with the request of assistance on the move from a remote device in real time: the maintenance technician and the client can share information useful for solving the issue fast and in the most practical manner thanks to the use of video-chats which enable the visualization of the oven that needs assistance and put the technician in the condition of being able to best support the client with a consequent reduction in intervention time.

Furthermore the solution is able to:

  • Keep track of all prior interventions – ordinary and extraordinary
  • Analyze the time necessary to solve the issues
  • Monitor time spent on each client in order to support you when deciding on eventual creations of assistance packages
  • Create a timetable for future interventions
  • Support the technician during ordinary maintenance by supplying a list of “to do” actions on that specific product custom made on the basis of the product
The assistance request is dealt with completely and exclusively between the client and the technician, thus avoiding useless waiting and congestion in ones own switchboard telephone operator. Intervention time from when the problem is detected and its solution is reduced considerably: through the use of video-chats, it is easier from remote devices and while on the move to provide assistance.

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