Finding documentation

In every business environment the necessity to organize documentation and to optimize the concept of reaching it and obtaining it quickly and easily becomes a priority sooner or later

Are you sure you have all the information you need, when you need it, handy?

In every business environment (services agencies, shops, or production sites) the need arises, sooner or later, to organize documentation (may it be of different types: texts, images, videos, etc.) in the best possible way, to make this documentation reachable easily and fast. For example, it is important for a Nuts & Bolts factory that each machinery on the assembly line has its own proper documentation, its Correct Functioning Manual associated to it, and that this documentation be reached on the move ( through mobile device or smartphone), so as NOT to compromise the efficiency of production.

Doc in context allows an extremely easy an fast use of all the digital documentation related to a specific asset, while avoiding to have to physically leave the area where the object of interest is.


Gaining necessary information in as little time as possible.
In order to consult the procedures related to the functioning of the machinery, the operator is forced to abandon the production assembly line. Once he has reached the area in which the documentation is kept on file related to the machinery of interest, in order to access the documentation the operator must carry out a further research: out of all the available information (maintenance plan, purchasing documentation, etc.), he has to find what he needs (usage manual).
Doc in context allows accessability of related material while on the move and near the specific machinery. Through the use of tablets or smartphones, the operator consults the specific documentation which he needs without having to leave the production assembly line, obtaining, furthermore, a direct and personalized to the information he needs: the information is filtered on the base of the operator, in other words, only the documents intented for his role and his position are shown.

In other words, this solution assures:

  • Direct access to all necessary documentation
  • Access to the most updated version of every document
  • Access to filtered information on the basis of user and asset reference
  • Savings in reference to physical space and printing costs, due to the elimination of paper documentation
The accessibility of documentation is made considerably easier: to reach any documentation, with Doc in context move closer to the object of interest and scroll through the most recent versions of a specific file, thus avoiding unnecessary movement and time wasting in paper archives.

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