Doc in Context

The intelligent application for the Industry of the future dedicated to managing business documentation: it speeds up the localization of information avoiding waste of time, paper and ink

Localization of business documentation

Our Doc in Context solution was created with the objective of making localization and the access of business documentation simple and intuitive. All thanks to the new technologies  The Internet of Things (in other words all objects connected to the Net) and 4.0 Industry.

Who it is thought up for

  • all types of businesses;
  • all those that need to consult informative business material;

Competitive Advantages for who chooses the SMACTORY Doc in Context application

  • a more efficient business thanks to simplification and velocity in the obtaining information with a minimal economic investment.

Fast and personalized functioning of SMACTORY Doc in Context

  • With the application Doc in Context it will be possible to organize and deal with business documentation intelligently so as to optimize time needed in getting access to information.
  • Simply by coming close to the object of interest, it will be possible to view on a  tablet or smartphone all existing information relevant to that specific object, like for example the user manual, the user video, the purchasing documentation, the maintenance intervention plan, the history of the maintenance interventions carried out, etc.; thus taking advantage of the interested person’s proximity as well as mobility.
  • The Doc in Context solution will, furthermore, allow the personalization of access to information based on who it is that is making the request, whoever it may it be ( to a maintenance technician, for example, the maintenance plan will be shown, whereas to a user, the user manual will be shown).

Why choose the SMACTORY Doc in Context application for your business

Through the Doc in Context solution your business will be able to organize and deal with the information and the digital documentation simply, quickly and intelligently.

Business documents can be used in a personalized manner on the basis of who it is that is making the request, while on the move and near the machinery – or object of interest – thus reducing or eliminating time away from job position and guaranteeing productive and communicative optimization of your business.

Not only: with Doc in Context your business is able to better internal communication performance as well as external communication, enabling employees, collaborators, consultants and clients to access business documentation in a simple and direct manner.

The Doc in Context solution allows dematerialization of paper business documentation proposing itself as one of the best solutions for an innovative business and so, therefore,  also an eco-compatible one.

Like all  SMACTORY applications, Doc in Context uses innovative devices like smartphone, smartwatch and tablet, and takes advantage of the Industrial Internet, technology, in other words Internet of Things (all things connected to the net) applied to the production system.

Main operative advantages

  • Allows you to optimize the organization of digital information present in the business, so as to eliminate paper documentation, with a consequent saving of physical space and printing costs.
  • Allows you to avoid time loss due to information search, and to easily access the most updated version of any type of documentation.
  • Allows automatic personalized screening of the documentation on the base of the user and object of reference.
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