Downtime management

The intelligent application for the Industry of the fuutre dedicated to optimizing management of downtime

Downtime management

Our Downtime Management solution was created with the objective to better optimize the production procedure in a business, thus reducing machinery downtime thanks to the use of new technologies linked to 4.0 Industry.

Who it is thought for

  • All businesses with a production system;
  • Assembly line operators, supervisors and production managers.

Competitive advantages for who chooses SMACTORY Downtime Management application

  • A more efficient, more reactive and more productive business in dealing with set backs with a minimal economic investment.

Simple and intuitive functioning of SMACTORY Downtime Management

  • the Downtime Management application, will identify a stop in the production line in real time, and through a notification will communicate it to the competent personnel;
  • the personnel in charge will receive a notification while on the move, on his/her mobile device and thus will be able to identify, monitor and implement corrective measures in the shortest possible time;
  • the system will identify the stops of major impact, on the base of which it is possible to establish the causes and to intervene with priority.
  • Downtime Management will make it possible to consult a dashboard with all collected elaborated data

Why choose the SMACTORY Downtime Management application for your business

Through our Downtime Management solution, your business will be able to optimize downtime management by thus increasing volume and quality of your production.

The SMACTORY Downtime Management application allows your business to eliminate standstill time, automatize communication of the irregularity and handle in real time the causes of the standstill on which to prioritize intervention.

As you well know, in case of production downtime/standstill it is fundamental to reduce as much as possible the time which passes between the moment in which the problem arises and production restart up. Furthermore, this way the production manager of your business is constantly informed on motivation, status and the impact on production line standstills.

Not only, Downtime Management allows a longer vision ahead. It has systems for the memorization of data and of integrated analysis able to create statistics aimed at finding permanent solutions.

Like all  SMACTORY applications, Process Control uses innovative devices like smartphone, smartwatch and tablet, and takes advantage of the Industrial Internet, technology, in other words Internet of Things (all things connected to the net) applied to the production system.

Main operative advantages

  • Allows the identification in real time of line standstills;
  • Monitors and catalogues causes of line standstills, detects those of major impact on production effectiveness;
  • Identifies the personnel in charge on the base of personalized algorithms and sends a resolution notification;
  • Allows the reduction of intervention time and so its impact on production;
  • Proposes potential solutions to the problem, highlighting the causes of the standstill of major impact on production;
  • Offers a dashboard through which it is possible to better programmed maintanence plans.
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