The intelligent application for Industry 4.0 that facilitates interaction methods between maintenance technician and operator, so as to furnish immediate support as soon as a malfunction occurs

Intelligent assistance from remote

Our Maintenance solution was created with the aim to support the technician during maintenance interventions with the objective of optimizing business resources thanks to new technologies linked to 4.0 Industry

Who it is thought up for

  • All businesses that have a production plant and that employ technicians/maintenance technicians;
  • technical operators, supervisors, maintenance technicians, managers.

Competitive advantages

  • with the Maintenance application, the operator, in case of necessity, through the use of his mobile device, will be able to request assistance for a given piece of machinery in real time;
  • following personalized criteria, the system will contact the maintenance technician that you previously assigned to that specific machinery;
  • in case of ordinary maintenance, the system will support the maintenance technician by providing on his mobile device a list of actions to undertake on that specific asset;
  • the assistance request will be closed for good once the problem is solved and the system confirms the correct functioning of the machinery;
  • Maintenance will track the entire procedure with the aim to elaborate a detailed analysis.
  • solution is operative in a few hours and not days!

Main characteristics

  • Assistance requests management and report writing from remote while on the move.
  • Cross device solution. The person requesting technical assistance can do so through the use of any configured mobile device (tablet, smartphone, PC Desktop) so as to optimize all the intervention phases.
  • Automatic assignment of maintenance requests through use of personalized algorithms.
  • The request is dealt with automatically by the SMACTORY software platform and once the characteristics and peculiarities of the situation are analyzed it identifies the technician best suited to handle the request.
  • Possibility to use Chat and Video Chat during the transaction between the maintenance technician and the operator.
  • To each intervention request a ticket is opened.
  • Handling of eventual priorities and execution cues of the assistance request.
  • Maintenance technician support through a checklist with all necessary actions to be taken for the ordinary maintenance on the specific asset.
  • Use of SpecificAlerts for extraordinary intervention requests.
  • Tracing of the entire process with the aim to elaborate detailed analysis of client/machinery history.
  • Dashboard creation with statistics taken from use (e.g.: medium length of intervention; number of interventions per client; number of interventions per machinery; etc.) and create reports on interventions carried out.
  • The solution is given in SAAS.



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