Material Handling

The intelligent application for the industry of the future dedicated to monitoring and managing movement of goods

Material Handling

Our Material Handling solution was created with the objective to better optimize material handling in a business thanks to the use of new technologies linked to 4.0 Industry.

Who it is thought up for

  • all businesses with internal logistics;
  • (assembly line and warehouse) operators, forklift drivers.

Competitive Advantages for who chooses SMACTORY Material Handling application

  • A more reactive, productive and efficient business in material handling with a minimal economic investment.

Simple and intuitive functioning of SMACTORY Material Handling

  • With the Material Handling application production operators and managers will have the possibility to submit to the warehouse restocking in real time and in total mobility, through the use of smart devices;
  • The restock demand will be totally dealt with by the system which will convey it to the warehouse operator responsible for handling the material required;
  • Thus monitoring the stock movement, the system will be able to analytically elaborate the execution timing and record this information;
  • With Material Handling  the material will reach the production line without causing interruptions.

Why choose the SMACTORY Material Handling solution for your business

Through our Material Handling solution your business will be able to better optimize the interaction between the warehouse and the production assembly line.

As you know, transport and material handling represent a crucial aspect in the various manufacturing, packaging and distributing phases. With our Material Handling solution, your business will always be able to calculate activity execution timing, and thus eliminate wasting time and optimizing the entire manufacturing procedure.

Not only, with Material Handling the handling requests are completely dealt with and tracked by an intelligent system with the aim to analytically elaborate execution timing and record this data needed to improve on future strategies efficiently.

When requested, the application can, furthermore, detect material delivery, determine content, supplier and recipient.

Like all  SMACTORY applications, Material Handling uses innovative devices like smartphone, smartwatch and tablet, and takes advantage of the Industrial Internet, technology, in other words Internet of Things (all things connected to the net) applied to the production system.

Main operative advantages

  • allows the reduction of assembly line standstill time ue to lack of material, with an obvious consequent increase in productivity;
  • allows the optimization of material handling, by requesting restock to the personnel in charge in real time;
  • allows the monitoring of material handling and related timing so as to reduce waiting time and consequent impact on production;
  • creates a dashboard through which data analyzation is possible in order to implement  strategies of efficiency.
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