Process control

The intelligent application for the future Industry dedicated to monitoring and respecting the timing of each phase of a production procedure

Control of the elaboration procedures phases

Our Process Control solution was created with the aim to make production procedures more efficient so as to respect established elaboration timing. All thanks to the use of new technologies linked to 4.0 Industry.

Who it is thought up for

  • All businesses that have a production planning and control department;
  • Personnel working on the planning of orders.

Competitive Advantages for who chooses SMACTORY Process Control application

  • A more productive and efficient business with a minimal economic investment.

Efficient and proactive functioning of SMACTORY Process Control

  • With the Process Control application each business activity will be monitored all along the course of the execution procedure, while analyzing in real time the course and the time taken for each phase, thus creating a flow of constant information available to all the operators involved;
  • In order to respect the timing of each single phase of an activity or procedure, the system will provide a notification related to the timing to respect, at first to the competent operator in charge and secondly to his supervisors;
  • The Process Control application will automatically collect information and data, in order to generate statistics relevant to the timing used in each single phase an eventual delays or irregularities.

Why choose the SMACTORY Process Control application for your business

Through our Process Control solution your business will be able to optimize execution time for each activity or procedure, while analyzing in real time the different elaboration phases.

In given situations, for example, the documentation needs to be elaborated according to a predefined process (protocol, signature, etc.) and each passage of the procedure has to be concluded by and not exceeding a determined time. Through the use of Process Control, it is possible to keep track of each single phase of the whole elaboration procedure in real time and be able to constantly know at what point the development of the documentation is, and at what point or phase the eventual delay or irregularity has developed.

The SMACTORY Process Control application, through the use of innovative technology  allows you to have a constantly updated picture of each phase of the procedure or of the task that needs to be carried out, capable of being consulted on all the mobile devices that all the operators involved have.

With Process Control the individuals involved in the activity can share the states of elaboration, deal with eventual irregularities excellently, receive warning notification when the due date for the conclusion of a given task is about to expire and automatically collect information for the report concerning all the operations that were carried out.

Not only, Process Control is capable of generating statistics on the average timing necessary for each elaboration passage of an activity or procedure, thus monitoring eventual delays and connecting them to the specific phase which generated the delays.

Like all  SMACTORY applications, Process Control uses innovative devices like smartphone, smartwatch and tablet, and takes advantage of the Industrial Internet, technology, in other words Internet of Things (all things connected to the net) applied to the production system.

Main operative advantages

  • Allows increase in business efficiency and productivity;;
  • Betters collaboration  between all  personnel involved in the same procedure;
  • Allows monitoring of the various phases in carrying out a task or executing a procedure, anticipating or reducing eventual delays or irregularities;
  • Allows the reduction of eventual delays or irregularities during the specific phase of execution phase which has generated them;
  • Sends out reminders to make sure a specific activity concludes within the established time;
  • Creates a dashboard based on collected elaborated data.
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