The intelligent application for the Industry of the future dedicated to monitoring and optimizing productive procedures

Production Control

Our Production solution was created with the objective of monitoring productive procedures by remote and in real time, by taking advantage of new technologies linked to Internet of things and 4.0 Industry.

Who it is thought for

  • All businesses with a production system;
  • Assembly line operators, supervisors and production managers.

Competitive Advantages for who chooses SMACTORY Production application

  • A more productive and efficient business with a minimal economic investment

Efficient and Proactive functioning of SMACTORY Production

  • With the Production application and through the use of smart devices, the entire evolution of production will be able to be monitored by the people in charge in real time and from a remote device;
  • Production will allow supervisors and managers to have more control on the production lines of which they are in charge, monitoring its evolution in real time and respecting the predicted programming;
  • The various people that will operate on the production system will have the possibility to communicate with each other through chats, and thus associate the information exchanged to the different production phases (e.g.: assembly, production, clean up);
  • Production will furnish a dashboard, available from mobile devices as well as non-mobile (e.g.: maxi-screens), relevant to the evolution of production in real time and relevant statistics as well as KPI.

Why choose the SMACTORY Production application for your business

Through our Production solution your business will be able to increase its competitive edge on the market thanks to better productive quality and to more respect of the timing.

The SMACTORY Production application, in fact, enables you to monitor the entire production evolution, while offering the possibility to reduce waste between expected production and true production. Furthermore, thanks to the use of mobile devices, supervisors and managers can have the control on the production procedures in real time and from a remote device.

Not only, Production allows the setting of notifications or specific task assignments, which will be sent automatically when specific, given conditions occur (e.g.: every 10.000 pieces produced, the system will automatically give the operator the task of taking a sample).

Like all  SMACTORY applications, Production uses innovative devices like smartphone, smartwatch and tablet, and takes advantage of the Industrial Internet, technology, in other words Internet of Things (all things connected to the net) applied to the production system.

Main operative advantages

  • Allows the increase effectiveness and business production;
  • Allows to better the interaction between the operators of the production plant;
  • permette di diminuire gli sprechi e di ridurre i tempi di richiesta intervento ai supervisori, da parte degli operatori;
  • Allows the assignment of automatic tasks when given conditions arise;
  • Allows the monitoring of the evolution of production in real time and from remote devices and to intervene quickly when and if the confrontation with the forecasted programming  proves not to be satisfactory;
  • offers dashboard on mobile devices and non mobile (e.g.: maxi-screens), relevant to the evolution of production in real time and relevant statistics as well as KPI.
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