The intelligent application that allows you to program the actions that will be performed completely automatically when a certain event occurs

An automatic reaction corresponds to each event: program it with React

Automated reactions to an event occurrence

The React solution was created with the aim of linking an event to a specific action, which will be performed automatically when the event in question occurs

For whom it is designed

  • Anyone who wishes to automate the processes and operations, currently subject to someone’s control, by scheduling a specific action to be performed when a specific event occurs.

Competitive advantages

  • Greater efficiency and flexibility, reacting to a specific event in real time and completely automatically;;
  • the scheduling of an action upon the occurrence of any event is simple to manage and requires a limited economic investment.

Simple and intuitive operation of SMACTORY React

  • Cross device solution. Possibility to program the actions to be performed under certain conditions via any enabled device (tablet, smartphone, desktop PC).
  • Upon the occurrence of a given event (defined in total autonomy by your company), React offers the possibility to set certain actions (also defined by your company) which will be performed completely automatically.
  • React allows you to configure independently and in just a few clicks both the event and the action you want to trigger when that specific event occurs, investing a limited time.
  • With React your company has the possibility to program the automatic execution of a specific action upon the occurrence of a certain event: if, for example, a certain physical quantity exceeds a certain threshold, a alert or a request for assistance will be sent to the interested party in real time and in a totally automated way.
  • React allows you to customize not only the action automatically generated by a certain event, but also the text that will accompany this action: you can, for example, create and edit the message that will be sent to the operator in case of increase of the maximum temperature threshold, or to the maintenance technician in case of failure of a machine.
  • The solution is provided in SaaS mode.