The intelligent application for the future industry dedicated to the analysis and the management of production planning and control

Order planning

Our Scheduling solution was created with the aim to support the business with the creation of optimized production plans, while taking advantage of the new Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 technology.

Who it is thought up for

  • All businesses that have a production planning and control department;
  • Personnel working on the planning of orders.

Competitive Advantages for those who choose the application SMACTORY Scheduling

  • A more efficient, more precise and quicker business, able to optimize the planning of orders with a minimal economic investment.

Simple and intuitive functioning of SMACTORY Scheduling

  • While respecting goods delivery due-dates, the application Scheduling will support your order through the elaboration of a (GANTT) graph;
  • Scheduling will monitor the gap between the production planning itself and its final result, and based on the conclusion will furnish support for the creation of the production planning;
  • Through the use of the Production solution as well,  it will be possible to detect the production pace in real time and thus carry out corrective measures quicker;
  • Scheduling will offer dashboard with collected and elaborated data.

Why choose the SMACTORY Scheduling application for your business

The SMACTORY Scheduling application is a tool that is able to maximize the use of production resources with the aim to perfect the level of customer service in respect to speed, flexibility and delivery dates. The system, in fact, is able to support the creation of a plan adequate to the demand and consequently to have optimal management of the warehouse.

Not only, Scheduling, in combination with the Production solution, allows the detection of the production pace in real time and thus, quickly carries out corrective measures: knowing perfectly well the true production pace and the delivery due-dates of each order, it is  possible to detect the last day useful for the production of the goods and thus maintain the promised delivery date.

Like all SMACTORY applications, Scheduling uses innovative devices like smartphone, smartwatch and tablet, and takes advantage of Industrial Internet’s technology, in other words Internet of Things (meaning, all things connected to the web) applied to the production system.

Main Operative Advantages

  • Allows monitoring of the gap between the production planning and its result, and based on this analysis, furnishes support on the creation of the production planning;
  • Allows monitoring and to forecast production pace;
  • Allows schedule viewing in real time and while on the move;
  • Allows optimal warehouse management Just In Time (partly-elaborated products, finished products);
  • Allows the respect of dead lines;
  • Creates a dashboard based on statistics collected in reference to timing of planned orders.
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