Becoming part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution means producing more and wasting less


Solutions for the Industry of the Future

SMACTORY has put together innovative solutions, fiscally aided by “The Industry 4.0 national plan”, able to optimize procedures and maximize output of the entire, logistic, production chain of Italian businesses.

SMACTORY supports your business during the transition towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, allowing you to enter into the world of Industry 4.0 thanks to 8 simple solutions provided in SaaS:

  • it speeds up the localization of digital documentation relevant to a specific asset, thus avoiding waste of time, paper and ink.

  • increases productivity by offering tools aimed at reducing structural machinery downtime.

  • increases production by offering tools that allow the technician/operator to reduce resolution time of machinery downtime.

  • improves assistance to customers thanks to tools that allow the management of their technicians work and to reduce intervention resolution time while on the move.

  • makes the movement of raw material more efficient so as to make it available sooner within the dead lines and minimize costs.

  • makes production planning more efficient so as to respect delivery dates of orders.

  • it makes procedures more efficient so as to make the elaboration procedure timing established possible

  • increases productivity by offering tools aimed at respecting the expected production

Through SMACTORY, small and medium size businesses are able to become part to the “4.0 Industry” world easily and with a minimal investment

The SMACTORY solutions are integrated among themselves, but work independently as well, and all have the following competitive advantages:

  • cross device, access from more devices;
  • hierarchical structure,  hierarchical model of business assets;
  • user management, independent definition of team work, account creation in complete autonomy;
  • maximum flexibility, possibility to assign business asset (item) to single users;
  • retrofit, adaptation to pre-existing reality, without the necessity to make structural changes  to the production plant;
  • cloud computing, capacity to manage elevated quantity of data directly from the net, and consequent possibility to use the platform also out of your business range;
  • usability, use of engaging and highly intuitive graphic interfaces;
  • speed, solutions are operative in a few hours and not in a few days!

Why it is worthwhile to innovate

Becoming a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution means producing more and wasting less: intelligent algorithms, advanced sensory technology, allow you to provide in real time and in a personalized manner useful instructions to each individual operator, thus reducing reaction time and allow flexible and smart production

With SMACTORY it is definitely possible to increase the environmental production potential already existing without having to undertake radical changes, in other words, without needing

to substitute your own machinery: simply thanks to the use of intelligent software, non-invasive sensory technology and mobile electronic devices, SMACTORY is able to maximize the performance and output of the entire production system.

Furthermore, government has launched the National Industrial Plan 4.0 Industry, which foresees huge fiscal incentives  for the acquisition of solutions like SMACTORY, aimed at optimizing procedures and maximizing the performance of the entire logistical production chain.

How to enter the Industry 4.0 world

If you wish to renovate your businessset up a free appointment with an expert. One of our consultants will contact you for a free analysis regarding the potentials and benefits linked to the Industry of the Future.

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